St John the Apostle Parish School

The first stage redevelopment at St John the Apostle Parish School has replaced a tired and dysfunctional two storey modular building. The objective was to maximise the potential of the site by capturing the sea views to Christies Beach. 

The project has provided spacious and connected learning areas and commons, new student amenities, an art and music space and a new lift. Generous covered balconies, learning deck, planters and accessible ramps to the lower oval were part of the works. Building and fenestration forms and the seaside themed colour palette connects with context and significantly enhances the street presentation. 

Purposeful design of built-in joinery has ensured there is a place for everything including cosy nooks and the coveted window seat in the Learning Common. Loose furniture selections have provided a range of activity settings and affordances that are readily reconfigured. The ‘under the sea’ graphic elements by Gregg Mitchell and Iguana Creative playfully enlivens the central stairway.