Enrichment Program

Building the capacity of learners around problem solving, creativity and self-directed learning skills is at the core of the Enrichment Program at Calvary Lutheran Primary School.

Enrichment is the stimulation of the brain by physical, social and educational surroundings and engagement which primarily takes place during activities such as exploration and investigation which are identified by the students as pleasurable and exhilarating.

The pleasure of exploration enlivens curiosity and a passion for inquiry. This is undertaken within an eclectic, visceral, tactile, and artistically rich environment that can be likened to a child’s imagination.

The role of educator in this context is as ‘coach’, who sets the learners up for success and allows them to make mistakes, encouraging them to problem solve their way through challenges. This builds resilience in learners who become reliant on their own capacity to manage their learning and the learning environment.

This project was Winner in the Learning Environments Australasia SA Chapter Awards in the Category for Education Initiative in 2017. Refer to the Jury Citation.